Missing your nanay's home cooked meal? Live stream and make handa the perfect bowl of sinigang with this bite sized cooking experience.

All the ingredients are prepped in the counter, and there's a magically set up live streamed camera.

Easy? Think again! 
We're not telling you how to do it.


  • really nice 3d models of food
  • awesome sfx and music by gia
  • very short game with less than one minute per game session
  • intentionally using badly translated phrases

note: this game is a prototype, and an exploration of different mechanics and experiences that we want in video games (specifically no tutorials or hand holding in simulation games) .

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(68 total ratings)
Authorchickon club
GenreSurvival, Simulation
Made withUnity
Tags3D, Cooking, filipino, Food


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PC 114 MB
Mac 92 MB

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huy HAHAHAHHA putaragis pano magluto ng sinigang

hiç bit doğrusu yok tarife bile baktım

i purchased the game but the mac version had no ending? nothing happens after putting the lid on


really just waiting until someone has finally gotten the recipe because I've been suffering for the past 5 months with this gameTvT

GIRLLL hahaha tangina pati sa videogame hindi ako marunong mag luto HAHAH

Yung title-

very catchy 😆

HAHAHHAA ang cute,

the title omg????

kaya hindi ako pinag luluto ni nanay eh, dahil dine

HOY BAT GANON YUNG TITLE! T-Tpero same time nakakatawa lol the americans dont know what hit em


super cool

wow is cool!!!

Putaheng Ina hahahaha

ang cravings po natin in this bidyo ay sinigang



Had me laughing all throughout.  Didn't expect a voice to blurt-out everything that I was holding. Might consider buying it soon.


(totally not bcuz of the title *wink wink*)

Deleted 149 days ago

you can come to philipines and taste it (note: it taste so fking good!!)

(2 edits)

Ok so we're supposed to cook it like mom does?  I mean I did it like how I knew my mom does but it always results to fail... The comments just made it worse 🤣😥😂

Also can you guys fix the ingredients that go through the pot? or is it part of the comedic part?

maganda ang game ehehe

I wasn't able to crack the code but I had fun attempting this! I made a short video of me playing ~

hii! i purchased the game but compared to the online one, there is no ending (how's the sinigang that i cooked). im waiting like forever but there's nothing happening. i love this game so much.

Well....It's official!

I dont know how to cook even in a game.. HAHAHA ;(

Nagulat ako sa title. HAHA!!!

Looking forward to Soup Pot next :)

ako rin e hahaha 

i'm looking forward to the next game! :D

Would be nice if there was an English translation. I approve of the no hand-holding, but when I can't understand the feedback (other than that I did it wrong), it reduces the desire to continue. Other than my complete bafflement as to what I am actually supposed to put in the pot in what order, this looks promising.

Yeah, i agree. i'm feeling the same way.

There is a "see translation button" come on guys.

I know, and it doesn't work since the translations are jumbled, The most anyone can get from the translation is criticism in the first place, and our problem is just that, the feedback is only saying that we did a horrible job or something along the lines of that, and nothing more. So it's unhelpful.

hi, we’re aware how this can be frustrating for people who want to learn how to cook. we’ve addressed this with soup pot as this was a game we prototyped. we’ve also added in notifications so folks know when a certain ingredient is cooked and how to correct them in the next process.


how do i make it the right way

it’s very hard even for us. 😭

(1 edit)

Late to the party but damn saya ng game na to with frens. Kailan magkakaroon ng other dishes?

(1 edit)

This game was fun to play and record. I can't seem to make the perfect sinigang for a good ending, though. It would be nice to have like an adobo version, haha! 

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thanks!

ayos to! SinigangShake approved :D 

i love this. i hope u guys can put other filipino dishes as well

This is a cute game with such a clever title ;) My parents had fun playing it! We always seem to get the same ending though  hahaha! I hope there will be an option to pick up the whole bowl of ingredients because it's a little tedious to grab each one. Also hoping for more endings and ingredients! :D 

huhu declined...

i.. i did everything right, but i still failed? how do i win? i'm already hungry..  :D

I can't play the game.

help huhu T-T

"card declined" awit mga pre

hi, you can still play in the browser. Salamat sa pag try. 

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